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Bertha von Suttner and the Nobelprice 2008

Alfred Nobel preserved the inspiration of Bertha von Suttner “Science with social awarness” with high respect. Don Pinkel, also scientists and pediadricians all over the world cured Leucemic Children. Millions of Aids Children waiting for help. Nobelprice 2008 opened a window to the children, but the Nobelprice for Aids is too early. There is no help in contrast to the lifework of Harald zur Hausen. 1984 Gallo prevented in Hamburg with his Aids-Test Patients from Aidsinfection.

Gallo definitively proved HIV-1 as the cause of AIDS through the successful isolation and long-term cultivation of HIV-1 and developed a diagnostic kit that prevented new infections and saved thousands of lives. These contributions, together with Gallo's earlier discovery of interleukin-2 (fundamental for growing HIV-1 in vitro) and of HTLV-1, the first human pathogenic retrovirus, warrant equal recognition.

Excerpt from: Science 9 January 2009: Vol. 323. no. 5911, pp. 206 - 207 DOI: 10.1126/science.323.5911.206

Since more then 20 years, Scientists tried to treat Aids Patients and worked like Harald zur Hausen for a vaccination. There are open questions.

At time Science-Transfer with social awarness is most important for succesful prevention special in undevelope countries like Africa.

Rolf Neth 6.11.08

Virus and Human Cancer in Wilsede from 1973 - 1987

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