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Minisymposion on the occasion of the 85th Birthday of Prof.Dr.rer.nat. Hans Paulsen

Glycochemistry and Glycobiology: Synthesis, Structural Studies and Medical Applications

  • Organisation: Hans Paulsen, Joachim Thiem, Universität Hamburg, LANEXESS AG, Leverkusen
  • Chair: Joachim Thiem, Department of Chemestry, University Hamburg
  • Introduction for Hans Paulsen: Chris Meier, Dean, Department of Chemistry, University Hamburg: read the introduction here (german version, pdf)
  • University of Hamburg, Friday, June 1, 2007

Handselected Speakers by Hans Paulsen

Video lectures and powerpoint slides will be available soon after corrections.

Manuel Martin-Lomas

CIC Bioscience Cooperative Research Centre, San Sebastian, Spain Recent Studies on the Molecular Basis of the Activation of Fibroblast Growth Factores by Glycosaminoglycans


  • A completely stereoselective modular strategy has been developed which allows for the synthesis of heparin-like hexasaccharides both in solution and in the solid state. This strategy permits to control the size and the negative charge distribution along the oligosaccharide chain.
  • These synthetic oligosaccharides present a heparin-like three dimensional structure and a well defined spatial distribution and orientation of negative charge in solution.
  • The distribution of negative charge along the synthetic oligosaccharides plays an essential role in the activation of FGF-1. It has been found that oligosaccharides which display the sulfate groups only on one side of their three dimensional structures stimulate FGF-1 more efficiently than those with the structure of the regular region of heparin.
  • FGF dimerization does not seem to be an absolute requirement for the activation of FGF-1.
  • The solution structure of a complex of FGF-1 with a biologically active hexasaccharide reveals that the iduronate rings of the bound oligosaccharide display a conformational equilibrium between the 1C4 and the 2SO forms. This indicates that, in contrast to AT-III, FGF-1 does not induce conformer selection of the bound oligosaccharide molecules.

Joyce Taylor-Papadimitriou

Cancer Research Center UK, London, UK Changes in Mucin-type O-Glycosylation in Cancer

Inka Brockhausen

Queens University, Kingston, Canada Glykobiology without Chemestry is Like a Bug without GlcNAc

Ole Hindsgaul

Carlsberg Laboratory, Copenhagen, Denmark Simple New Tools for Glycomics

Peter H. Seeberger

Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) Zurich, Switzerland Automated Oligosacharide Syntzhesis

Johannes F.G. Vliegenthart

Utrecht University, Germany Structural Studies on Carbohydrate

Thomas Peters

Lübeck University, Germany Why Virus Like Sugars-Answers from NMR

Klaus Bock

Carlsberg Laboratory Copenhagen, Denmark 40 years of NMR Spectroscopic Analysis of Carbohydrate Structures

Talks (Video and Audio)

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Manuel Martin-Lomas: Recent Studies on the Molecular Basis of the Activation of Fibroblast Growth Factores by Glycosaminoglycans

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slides (pdf)

Inka Brockhausen: Glykobiology without Chemestry is Like a Bug without GlcNAc

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slides (pdf)

Peter H. Seeberger: Automated Oligosacharide Syntzhesis

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slides (pdf)