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Apocalyptic Rider or Prevention Black Death and Aids

Nobel Prize 2008 opened a window for Science-Transfer and Social Awareness to understand that Aids ıs no Apocalyptıc Rider like the Black Death.

In the Mıddle Ages no one knows that rats, fleabits and air transported Bacillus pestis, coming 1345 from Asia like an biologic weapon by ship to Messina, killing half Europe. Scientist at the University of Paris believed that star constellation caused black death. Fanatic people killed thousends of jews in Basel, Paris and all over europe, thinking they poised the water.

İn a circel of fire the pope was served for ınfections by fleas and rates. People belived god helped the pope. İn time we learned a genetic change of harmless pseudotuberculosis yersinia was the cause. Determine of the molekular mechanismen and analyses of genetic variation in the phylogenetic tree will help, but questions still open to prevent black death. 1984 Gallo send immediately Aids-Test-Serum to Hamburg and around the world and prevented infections. But AIDS is like black death in parts of the world and in Afrika like Apocalyptic Riders. Scientists like Gallo, together with Gates and many helpers and sponsors tested for and explained about AIDS, special children. They tried to treat the AIDS Patients and worked like Harald zur Hausen for a Vaccination. Like Black Death there are open questions. At time Science-Transfer with Social Awareness is most important for succesful prevention, special in undeveloped countries like Afrika.

Rolf Neth 6.10.08