Wilsede Meeting: „Modern Trends in Human Leukemia“

The Idea to bring together highly qualifid biochemists, medical doctors, and virologists to learn, like students, about each other`s fields has been very unusual.

We tried the experiment June 20th to June 22nd 1973 for three long days and nights in a 350 year old farmhouse “De Emhoff” in Wilsede.

Robert Gallo, Rolf Neth

Round table discussion 1973

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Listen to the audio, 1973

Find the printed discussion ( here) - edited by Rüdiger Hehlmann and Tim Hunt.

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James Clark Maxwell and Heinrich  Hertz (1857 - 1894) recognized, that light is also an electro magnetic wave moment in space.

There inspiration was not hope of profit, but rather the dream of a new freedom.

We share this hope.


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Rolf Neth, Axel Zander