Rolf Neth    Hämatol. Bluttrans. Vol. 26
Gut ist eine Lehrart, wo man vom Bekannten zum Unbekannten fortschreitet; schön ist sie, wenn sie sokratisch ist, d.i. wenn sie dieselben Wahrheiten aus dem Kopf und Herzen des Zuhörers herausfragt. Bei der ersten werden dem Verstand seine Überzeugungen in Form abgefordert, bei der zweiten sie ihm abgelockt.

Professor Friederich Schiller Jena, in a letter written on 23 February 1793 to his friend and supporter Korner, father of the poet Theodor Korner.

Established clinicians and scientists as well as students again tried the Wilsede experiment for three days and nights and learned from each other. In our fourth Wilsede meeting on Modern Trends in Human Leukemia" we concentrated once again on questions regarding the practical application of research and its benefits to the patient. The main emphasis of leukemia rcsearch has changed since the first Wilsede meeting in 1973. Virology is no longer the sole interest. Advances in immunology and cell genetics and abetter understanding of

Dr. h. c. Alfred Toepfer speeking with participants of the meeting in Wilsede


the mechanisms regulating normal and pathological blood cell differentiation have had a considerable impact on the direction of leukemia research. I would like to thank all chairmen for their efforts in organizing a program which included most of the important results and also future aspects of human leukemia. We have learned at the Wilsede meeting that the individual fields of interest raise similar cell biological questions, the solution of which require increasing efforts for multidisciplinary collaboration. At the next Wilsede meeting in 1982 new insights certainly will have become apparent through additional knowledge in the field of cytogenetics of cancer cells and through new possibilities in the application of monoclonal antibodies and purification of specific regulatory proteins with inhibitory and stimulating effects on blood cell differentiation. During the meeting we usually stayed in De Emmenhoff in Wilsede. We would like to express our gratitude to all Wilsede people for their hospitality and also to the Verein Naturschutzpark e.V., and last but not least to Dr. Alfred Toepfer and his associates for their idealistic efforts to preserve this peaceful place for us.